Thursday, 18 December 2008

Morning Session
1. Economics and the Environment
Martin Weitzman (Harvard University)
Olivier Godard (CNRS)
Commentator: Philippe Quirion (CNRS)

Some Basic Economics of Extreme Climate Change, Martin Weitzman (Harvard University)

Economics in the Environmental Crisis: Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?, Olivier Godard (CNRS)

Comments on Olivier Godard and Martin Weitzman’s presentations, Philippe Quirion (CNRS)

Afternoon Session
2. Scenarios and Models of Climate Change
Michel Armatte (Centre Alexandre Koyré)
Thomas Sterner (University of Gothenburg)
Commentator: Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED)

Building Scenarios: How Climate Change Became an Economic Question, Michel Armatte (INSEE)

In Defence of Sensible Economics, Thomas Sterner (University of Gothenburg)

Comments on Michel Armatte and Thomas Sterner’s presentations, Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED)

Comments, Questions and Answers