Is Everything Stochastic?

glenn13 October 2010, 6PM
Speaker: Glenn Shafer (Rutgers Business School)
Commentator: Michel Armatte (Centre Alexandre Koyré)

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Quantification of the Brain

pascal330 September 2010, 6PM
Speaker: Pascal Legendre (INSERM)
Commentator: Alain Desrosières (INSEE) and Jean-Philippe Lachaux (INSERM)

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Computer Science as a Probability Science: the Case of Speech Recognition

alex68 July 2010, 6PM
Speaker: Alexander Waibel (Carnegie Mellon University)
Commentators: Jean-Marie Pierrel (Université de Nancy-II) and Franck Varenne (Université de Rouen / C.N.R.S.)

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Spurious Regressions

jb527 May 2010 – 6 pm
Speaker: Jean-Bernard Chatelain (University of Paris-I)
Commentator: Xavier Ragot (Banque de France)

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What Do Probability Applications Say About Their Meaning?


18 March 2010 – 6 pm
Speaker: Thierry Martin (IHPST, University of Besançon)
Commentator: Thomas Heams (Agroparistech)

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Probabilities of Probabilities

walliser121 January 2010 – 6 pm
Speaker: Bernard Walliser (E.H.E.S.S.)
Commentator: Mikaël Cozic (E.N.S.)

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The Keynesian Concept of Uncertainty

andre225 November 2009
Speaker: André Orléan (CNRS)
Commentator: Michèle Leclerc (EHESS)

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Three Sources of Probability Calculations in the 18th Century

michel_armatte28 October 2009
Speaker: Michel Armatte (Centre Alexandre Koyré)
Commentator: Pierre-Charles Pradier (University of Paris-I)

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The Probabilization of Risk

pierre-charles_pradier30 September 2009
Speaker: Pierre-Charles Pradier (Université Paris I)
Commentators: Yuri Biondi (C.N.R.S.) and Nicole El Karoui (École Polytechnique)

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Bayesian Confirmation Theory


26 March 2009
Speaker: Mikaël Cozic (École Normale Supérieure)
Commentator: Brian Hill (G.R.E.G.H.E.C.)

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Appeal: Towards a Common Fiscal Policy: Relaunching the Euro-zone Economies

9 February 2009 (in Berlin)

Jean-Louis Beffa (Saint-Gobain), Gerhard Illing (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Inge Kaul (Hertie School of Governance), Günther Schmid (W.Z.B.), Robert Solow (M.I.T.)

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Stochastic Models of Decision Making

jerome_sackur5 February 2009
Speaker: Jérôme Sackur (École Normale Supérieure)
Commentator: Catherine Tallon-Baudry (C.N.R.S.)

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Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Economic Cost of Climate Change

Morning Session
1. Economics and the Environment
Martin Weitzman (Harvard University)
Olivier Godard (CNRS)
Commentator: Philippe Quirion (CNRS)

Some Basic Economics of Extreme Climate Change, Martin Weitzman (Harvard University)

Economics in the Environmental Crisis: Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?, Olivier Godard (CNRS)

Comments on Olivier Godard and Martin Weitzman’s presentations, Philippe Quirion (CNRS)

Afternoon Session
2. Scenarios and Models of Climate Change
Michel Armatte (Centre Alexandre Koyré)
Thomas Sterner (University of Gothenburg)
Commentator: Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED)

Building Scenarios: How Climate Change Became an Economic Question, Michel Armatte (INSEE)

In Defence of Sensible Economics, Thomas Sterner (University of Gothenburg)

Comments on Michel Armatte and Thomas Sterner’s presentations, Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED)

Comments, Questions and Answers

Friday, 19 December 2008

Morning Session
3. Certainties, Uncertainties and What They Imply about Action

Thomas Schelling (University of Maryland), keynote speaker
Commentators: Masahiko Aoki (Stanford University) and Jean-Pierre Dupuy (Stanford University)

Comments on Thomas Schelling’s presentation, Masahiko Aoki (Stanford University)

Comments on Thomas Schelling’s presentation, Jean-Pierre Dupuy (Stanford University)

Afternoon Session
4. Round Table chaired by Robert Solow (MIT): Where Do We Stand and Where Do We Go from Here?

Inge Kaul (Hertie School of Governance)
Thomas Schelling (University of Maryland)
Nicholas Stern (London School of Economics)
Thomas Sterner (University of Gothenburg)
Martin Weitzman (Harvard University)

Part 1

Part 2

The Autonomization of Probability as a Science: The Experience of a Probabilist

nicole218 September 2008
Speaker: Nicole El Karoui (École Polytechnique)
Commentator: Michel Armatte (Centre Alexandre Koyré)

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The Random Expression of Genes: Probability or Biological Parameter?

thomas_heams20 March 2008
Speaker: Thomas Heams (I.N.R.A.)
Commentator: Franck Varenne (C.N.R.S.)

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