The Centre’s Aims

The Cournot Centre for Economic Studies, the foundation of the Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, brings together specialists from the disciplines of economics and other social sciences to advance economic theory and increase understanding of social and political issues. Since 2000, the Centre has been holding conferences, debates and seminars, publishing its theoretical contributions and supporting postdoctoral research.

Catalysing ideas: conferences, debates & seminars

The Centre holds annual conferences and debates shedding light on current economic policy issues. Its aim is to bring together the theoretical and empirical findings of serious research. Since 2007, the Cournot Centre has been organizing a transdisciplinary seminar, “The Probabilism Sessions”, dedicated to one of Cournot’s topics of contemporary relevance: the role of probability in the sciences.

Publishing theoretical contributions: books, booklets and digital media

The Cournot Centre publishes books of its conference proceedings, as well as monographs, booklets and videos. All Cournot Centre published material is available in English and French, and in some cases in German and Japanese. Each conference results in a full-length text of the proceedings. The authors’ essays, which may include economic modelling or econometrics, are compiled in an edited volume.

The Cournot Centre also publishes, in book or booklet form, original monographs written by former conference, debate or seminar participants. The Prismes, the Centre’s booklet series, focus on timely theoretical issues. They can be ordered free of charge or downloaded from the website.

On-line videos of the Centre’s conferences, debates and seminars are available on the website; DVDs of a selection of past conferences can also be ordered free of charge.

Supporting postdoctoral research

Since 2003, the Cournot Centre has been offering up to five Robert Solow Postdoctoral Fellowships a year, each to the sum of 24 000 euros, to economics students from around the world. The Scientific Committee chooses postdoctoral fellows based on their applications.