Organization and the Firm

The revised and edited papers of this collection were first delivered at the fifth conference of the Cournot Centre for Economic Studies held in Paris on 7 and 8 November 2002. Together they examine “Organizational Innovation Within Firms”.

The Centre’s conferences explore contemporary issues in economics, with particular focus on Europe. Speakers, along with other participants and members of the audience, are drawn from backgrounds in academia, business, finance, labour unions, the media and national or multinational governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Architecture, Capability and Competitiveness of Firms and Industries
Takahiro Fujimoto

Where Do Transactions Come From? A Perspective from Engineering Design
Carliss Baldwin and Kim Clark

Building a Profit Strategy: A Case Study of the Saint-Gobain Group
Jean-Louis Beffa and Cédric Lomba

Organizational Capabilities, Patterns of Knowledge Accumulation and Governance Structures in Business Firms: An Introduction
Giovanni Dosi, Marco Faillo and Luigi Marengo

Building Trust
Richard M. Locke

Cognition, Coordination and Authority in the Modular Age
Stefano Brusoni and Keith Pavitt